Exciting News for People Who Want Longer Stories!

Hey Flash Fiction Nerds!

Just wanted to let you all know about some exciting site news!  Many of you have said: “What’s the deal? I want more than 25 words!” And to that I say, “Fine! Have it your way!”

To satisfy your desire for more story, I am going to start posting a 250 word story once a month. (It’s still flash, but you’ll get a bit more story!) Whichever story has the most likes at the end of the month, I will craft into a longer piece, and post it on the second Sunday of the following month.

This means the first long(er) story will be posted March 8th.  Be sure to like your favorite stories through the whole month of February.  I will also count the likes on the daily posts from my Facebook and Twitter pages, so be sure to follow me! I’ve included the links below. (Note: if you do not have a WordPress account, you cannot “like” a story on Precisely 25 itself.  So you can either create an account – it’s super easy – or continue liking on my Facebook page!)

You can now also subscribe to the blog by email for daily reminders!

Also, check out my new author bio page to learn a bit more about me.

As always thank you for reading.


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