I Want to Drown Away (Long Version)

Here it is! The 250 word version of this months winner for favorite twenty-five, “I Want to Drown Away”! You can find the original story here. Enjoy 🙂

One time I adjusted the rearview in my daddy’s ’67 Chevy Corvette, and it snapped off.  I was supposed to change the oil, but I’d decided he wouldn’t notice if I took a drive, too. I’d go with the top down and cool air caressing my face.  When my daddy noticed the mirror was missing, he punched me so hard, my ears rang until I fell asleep that night.  I’ve hated driving ever since. At least he’d used his hand that time.

But today is my daddy’s funeral. He died of natural causes, if you consider dinking yourself to death natural.  I’ve come to learn most people find it the most natural death in the world.  I’m the only one of my daddy’s children who hadn’t succumbed to a natural death too, so the Chevy is mine.

Rain dumps on the already saturated spring ground, as they lower Daddy into the earth. Mud floods through my peep toe shoes and cakes to my feet. When I pull out of the cemetery, the first one to leave, I don’t bother to avoid spinning the tires, lest the earth fling pebbles up to chip the powder blue paint.

I drive in the rain with no wipers.  As my windshield transforms into a river, I pretend the storm will swallow me, and I’ll vanish. Or, even better, the car will burst into flames from a frayed wire sparking, and me and the Chevy will burn together, disintegrating the last traces of my father.

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