Why 25?

Words are significant.  The words we choose to say, the words we hold back, and the words we hold onto, reveal a lot about us.

These stories illustrate characters with fear, regret, and longing, captured in a single moment.  The words people use tell us who they hope to be.

The idea is that each story reveals enough for the reader to relate to the characters, but not enough for them to gain complete understanding.

We often lack complete understanding of the most important things: death, love, rejection.  But these things all feel so familiar to us, despite the mystery.

Twenty-five words are enough to tell a story.  These stories take just seconds to read, but they linger, like the touch of a lost love.

6 thoughts on “Why 25?

  1. You are doing amazing work! I look forward to my cliffhanger every day. Please keep them coming. Does each come from a longer story that is already written or are they yet to be created, I always wonder that.


    1. I’m glad you’re enjoying them 🙂 It’s a mixture of things! Most often, I get an independent idea for a 25. Sometimes, I’ll get an idea for a longer story and write a 25 too. (Read the Signs from a few days ago originated as an idea for a long story.) And every once in a while I will rewrite an excerpt from a longer piece to adapt it into a 25!

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