New Year, New Stories, New Collaboration!

I am truly sorry for the hiatus I’ve taken from Precisely 25. A new job, new apartment, two weddings, and a new puppy have kept me busier than anticipated, and I failed at my Precisely 25 duties.

But to make it up to all of you lovely flash fiction lovers, I’m excited to announce a new collaboration that will happen with Precisely 25!

Once a month, I will post a 25 along with a photograph, which will be captured by my amazingly talented friend, Sarah Anthony. We’re excited to see how this collaboration will help enhance the experience of these bite sized stories. In addition to giving you insights into our interpretations of the stories, we hope you will be able to imagine the stories more intimately.

Anthony’s amazing portrait work captures small moments, while revealing deep truths about people and their emotions. This is exactly what I try to do with my stories, so I am beyond enthused to see what Anthony has in store!

Precisely 25 will resume this Monday, January 4th, and I will kick off the new year with a photography collaboration.

As always, thanks for reading.

P.S. – This is my adorable new dog – do you understand why I was preoccupied?


250 Word Story from March – We Have a Tie!

Hey all!
I have tallied the numbers for the next long story. And this month we have a three way tie!

The stories with the most votes are Keeping the Loneliness at Bay, Ghosts Like to Linger, and Fulfilled by Hollow Recognition. So, this month’s long story will be a surprise! You’ll have to check back Sunday, April 12, to find out what the long story will be!

Don’t forget to keep liking your favorite stories.

As always, thanks for reading.